Suqqu Brow Pen

The best brow pen in the world! I have to share this with you guys as it could change your life
For those of you that have over plucked brows or brows that are sparse and thinning - this is the product for you!
The Suqqu brow pen: This eyebrow pen is A-MAZ-ING. I have wanted it for my make up kit for yonks but at 20 quid a pop I was reluctant to splash out especially without trying it first. week I decided to bite the bullet and buy them - I bought both shades (brown & moss green) - they arrived on Friday and I just had to try them out straight away! Moss Green suits me best as I prefer my brows to be a bit darker and more defined whereas the brown would suit fair hair/skin. This liquid eyebrow pen is both oil and water resistant so will last all day - it goes on so naturally that your brows look completely natural and not at all drawn on (unlike some brow pencils)! The colour is also so natural and doesn't have that ginger reddish tinge that a lot of eyebrow products have. You can use it to fill in the gaps where your brows are sparse or you can make your brows really thick and defined.
It is honestly amazing - I can't wait to try it out on my clients as brows are the one thing that are really tricky to get right when filling them in, with this product I never need worry again
I am so scared it will run out so I am just going to save it for special occasions on myself!
The only place that I know of that you can buy it from in the UK is Selfridge's (I ordered mine online).
Anyway that's all for now buns - will try and post a pic of my brows after using this..can't at the moment as am having a make up free day today

Lots of love xxx