Brow Banter

So - here it is make up buns, me...with 100% au naturel naked brows! Excuse the Crime Watch expression...not sure what happened there!

Following on from my post yesterday about the Suqqu eyebrow pen, lots of people asked for a before and after here it is!

As you can see it makes a huge difference - from the picture on the left where my brows are not filled in and look a bit messy and un...groomed and very pale - to the picture on the right where I have used the Suqqu pen and my brows look much more defined and groomed.

I think it is a crime to see overplucked brows - eyebrows are the pillars of the face and should be left alone. They frame the face and can give you an instant face lift (without the surgery). I always think it looks so much more youthful to have thicker fuller eyebrows that are well groomed and defined but still look natural.

So, come on girls - grow back your brows and be proud of them! Be inspired by people like Cara Delevingne, Keira Knightley, Mila Kunis etc. Gone are the days when overplucked overdone brows were all the fashion now its all about the thicker the fuller the better

So for anyone looking for 'the one' eyebrow product - this is definitely it for me. Plus its oil resistant and waterproof - huge plus!

Hope this was helpful - that's all for now poppets.

Lots of love
Dani x