Bronzed Goddess

Bronzer tips & tricks:

So with summer just around the corner it's time to dig out the bronzer to get that sun kissed holiday glow!

The trick to applying bronzer is to pick the best shade and apply sparingly- too much and you’ll look dirty, and the wrong shade will make you look like an oompa loompa…! ...

Always make sure you blend it in so that there are no harsh lines and it appears seamless. Bronzer should not be obvious, it should look completely natural and just appear to look like a natural shadow on the face. I always find it best to use a matte bronzer as the ones that have sparkles and glitter in can look far too much and it's harder to build it up.

Always use a domed shape brush when contouring with bronzer as it is the perfect shaped brush for blending and you don't get too much on the brush at once. Also because it is tapered the colour collects on the tip of the brush and then you can blend it all out with the outer part of the brush.

My favourite bronzer brush is Real Techniques Bronzer brush.

My favourite bronzers are MAC Matte Bronzer and Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow. Both of these are glitter free!

There are four places where I like to apply bronzer when contouring:

1) Hollows of the cheeks: By applying bronzer to the hollow of the cheeks this will immediately make your face look slimmer and give it more definition and architecture - as well as giving you killer Kate Moss cheekbones! The best way to find the hollow of your cheek is to hold your brush along your cheek until you can feel the dip,this is where you need to apply the bronzer, as shown in the pic above! Start from the outside near your ear and blend in towards your mouth, dont go too far or you will end up looking odd! I wouldnt go any further than the middle of your eye.

2) Nose: You can either dust it down the centre of your nose (sparingly) or a little trick to make your nose look slimmer - apply it either side of your nose near the bridge and then use highlighter down the centre of the nose.

3) Brow Bone: I like to apply it under my brows as this gives a more even complexion and brightens the eyes.

4) Temples: This will warm up the whole face and give you a beautiful glowing golden goddess appearance!

Now all we need is for the sun to come out

Thats all for now poppets.

Lots of love xxxx