Back in the land of the living!

Hey make up bunnies....I'm baaaaack!

Sorry for being so allusive this past couple of weeks - I have had a really bad bout of the flu! It completely knocked me for six. The first week I was bed bound and couldn't do anything and this week has been better but I have been getting really tired and out of breath - even just getting up to go for a wee made me feel exhausted (not nice at all). Anyway, I am feeling much much better now - it feels so good to be up and about, I feel like I have come out of hibernation! Hopefully Spring is on its way soon and we can look forward to some lighter warm evenings (wishful thinking)!

Prior to being stuck in bed I was mega busy - I had an awesome couple of weeks end of Jan. I was invited to go on a shoot with Lisa Eldridge!!! Anyone that knows me will know that she is a bit of a hero of mine, she is one of the top make up artists in the world so you can imagine how excited I was to be invited on a job with her! I can't say much more about it as its all top secret and I have been told not to post anything about the day - but it was honestly the most amazing experience of my life! It was super cool seeing how it all works and it is kinda how you see it on tv but everyone is so nice and friendly..everyone just LOVES their job!
Lisa was also very lovely and I chatted to her for ages - about everything from her cat Betty to crusty white bread (yum)! Hee hee.

I also did a photo shoot with an amazing photographer called Suzi Ovens which was really cool (will post pics). On top of this I have been keeping busy with make up parties, make up lessons and lots of wedding/prom bookings coming up this year! I have also done a Valentines Day make up look collaboration with some YouTube bloggers so its been pretty busy so far this year!

I am disappointed that I won't be able to take part in London Fashion Week this weekend due to being poorly but I fully intend to get involved in the September one!

I have a busy few weeks coming up with bookings, plus some more shoots with photographers....I am also trying to fit in getting a website sorted which hopefully should be up and running in the next couple of months.

So I think thats all that's happening in my little life folks - don't forget to tell your friends and family to get booked in now whilst I still have availability. Whether they want a make up lesson, or they are getting married or have a special occasion coming up and want to look their best - just get in touch :o)

Bye for now poppets.

Lots of love
Dani x